Jon Brooks - Walberswick


Jon Brooks

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Jon Brooks - Walberswick

From the ‘secret histories and memory loops' of The Advisory Circle via the ‘flawless retro-vintage production values’ of his disco alter-ego Georges Vert and the ‘simple and beautiful compositions’ of his solo work, Jon Brooks holds a unique place in contemporary electronic music.

Walberswick, a brand new long player, is a sensory blend of ambient excursions, tone pieces, soundscapes, rhythmical pulsations, and wry humorous asides, all composed and performed on the legendary Buchla Electronic Music Box. An intensely beautiful ambient journey.


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  1. Jon Brooks - Mr Brooks I Presume
  2. Jon Brooks - Pocket Fire
  3. Jon Brooks - 2700 Kelvin
  4. Jon Brooks - How The Land Lies
  5. Jon Brooks - Violet Tide
  6. Jon Brooks - My Corner (Audio)
  7. Jon Brooks - Seventy Degree Off Grid